ExtraCheese Web Design specializes in Web and interactive media. Since 1997, we've been creating Web sites, interactive media and a variety of high quality Web based content. Time and again, we successfully implement the best technologies to deliver the most effective messages to our clients as well as our clients' clients.

web design & development

Over the past dozen plus years, ExtraCheese has developed hundreds of Web sites, and our numbers continue to grow. We're proud to be a full-service Web development enterprise with clients ranging from large international companies to small businesses and non-profit groups. We can create a variety of Web sites and Web-based media for companies, groups, and individuals, as you can see by scrolling through our client list.

media & content development

ExtraCheese's creative endeavors reach beyond the Internet. We also develop interactive multimedia programs that combine audio, video, animation, and a complete range of professional content services. From training programs and product demonstrations to consulting and content management—we can skillfully optimize your message. In other words, we offer a full spectrum of multimedia and content development and services.

book publishing & consulting

ExtraCheese has also collaborated with Bughouse Productions on the development of a series of books published by Microsoft Press focusing on the creation of Web sites using good design and writing practices. For more information please visit creationguide.com.

Web Design